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Chip Bot is a multifunctional bot with different commands ranging from moderation, utility, music to fun!

(Note that prefix's are changable. The prefixes listed below are the bot's default ones)

<> means that the argument is required

[] means the argument is optional



  • c!help - Show the bot's help menu
  • c!ping - Shows the bot's ping betweem itself and Discord
  • c!about - Shows more info about the bot
  • c!invite - Sends the bots invite link
  • c!privacy - Sends the bots privacy
  • c!vote - Sends the bots vote links
  • c!uptime - Sends the bots uptime


  • c!roll - Rolls a six-sided die for you
  • c!flip - Flips a coin for you
  • c!say <message> - Repeats a given message (excluding mass-mentions)
  • c!kiss <member> - Kisses a member
  • c!hug <member> - Hugs a member
  • c!embed <message> - Sends a custom embed with your message
  • c!poll "<title>" <choice 1> <choice 2>" - Makes a poll with two choices (more choices coming soon)
  • c!meme - Fetches a random meme from the r/memes subreddit
  • c!dankmeme - Fetches a random dank meme from the r/dankmemes subreddit
  • c!programmerhumor - Fetches a random post from the r/ProgrammerHumor subreddit
  • c!reddit <subreddit> - Fetches a random post from a defined subreddit
  • c!8ball <question> - Ask the magical 8ball a question
  • c!enlarge <emoji> - Send's the original link to a custom emoji
  • c!dong [member] - Measures your dong size using Chip's PPMeter
  • c!roast [member] - Makes the bot roast you
  • c!toast [member] - Makes the bot toast you
  • c!joke - Makes the bot tell a joke
  • c!dadjoke - Makes the bot tell a dad joke


  • c!kick <member> - Kicks a member
  • c!ban <member> - Bans a member
  • c!unban <id> - Unbans a member using their id
  • c!mute <member> - Mutes a member
  • c!unmute <member> - Unmutes a member
  • c!purge <5-100> - Deletes a given amount of messages from a channel
  • c!prefix <prefix> - Changes the bots prefix
  • c!amongus - Special command class for the game "Among Us"
    • c!amongus mute - Mutes everyone in a voice channel
    • c!amongus unmute - Unmutes everyone in a voice channel


  • c!connect - Makes the bot join your current voice channel
  • c!leave - Makes the bot leave your current voice channel
  • c!play [-sc] <query/URL> - Play a song or a playlist with a given query or URL
    • The -sc flag allows you to search Soundcloud for a track
  • c!pause - Pauses a playing song
  • c!resume - Resumes a paused song
  • c!skip - Skips a playing song to the next one in the queue
  • c!stop - Stops the player
  • c!volume <1-100> - Adjust the volume of the player
  • c!shuffle - Shuffles the queue
  • c!queue [query/URL] - Shows the current queue or adds a song to the queue
  • c!nowplaying - Shows the currently playing song
  • c!lyrics [query] - Fetches the lyrics of the currently playing song or from a query
  • c!rickroll - Joins a voice channel and plays Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • c!clearqueue - Clears the players queue
  • c!swap <member> - Swaps the DJ role to another member in the channel


  • c!whois [member] - Gets more info about a member
  • c!avatar [member] - Gets a members avatar
  • c!servericon - Gets the current servers icon
  • c!serverinfo - Shows more info about the current server
  • c!rtfm <query> - Gives you a documentation link for a entity. Events, objects, and functions are all supported through a cruddy fuzzy algorithm.
    • c!rtfm py <query> - Gives you a documentation link for a Python entity.